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K100The ultrasonic washing system by Teknox has been designed for a heavy and continuous use due to its high quality materials and to the latest technology.

Ultrasonic washing is carried out by Weber Ultrasonics GmbH generators and transducers.

Standard machines include an automatic mobile platform for high loading capacity in stainless steel, an additional tank for oil-trimming collection and circulating pump.

Models: K100, K200, K300, K500


  • Electric, HT (maximum temperature 80 °C)

Supply voltage

  • 400V 3ph+N+PE

What is included in all K machines

  • Ultrasonic transducers in the front and back side of the machine.
  • Generator embedded in the IP 55 switchboard.
  • Made in Germany generator and transducers, 2-year warranty.
  • Automatic motorized lifting and immersion platform
  • Circulating pump for oil-trimming filtering and removal
  • Colour 4'' touchscreen display for settings and programs.
  • Top cover to reduce steams
  • Preset connections for the steam extraction
  • Blow valve for tank emptying
  • Minimum level control


What are the additional accessories:

Compressed air blowing gun

K100 detail K100 open K100 front view


Technical data

Useful washing sizes (cm) 64 x 34 x H34 88 x 47 x H38 100 x 55 x H45 120 x 65 x H55
Tank sizes (cm) 65 x 41 x H38 89 x 54 x H42 101 x 62 x H49 121 x 72 x H59
Overall dimensions (cm) 120 x 70 x H130 145 x 84 x H130 155 x 92 x H130 175 x 102 x H130
Washing tank 100 L 200 L 300 L 500 L
Oil tank 40 L 80 L 120 L 200 L
(Actual) ultrasonic power 1kW 25kHz 2kW 25kHz 3kW 25kHz 4kW 25kHz
Heating power 4 kW 6 kW 10 kW 16 kW
Lifting platform capacity 100 kg 150 kg 200 kg 200 kg


Extraction connection Ø 50 mm
Washing tank drain outlet 1” Gas
Oil tank drain outlet 1” Gas
Intermediate oil tank drain outlet 1” Gas
Washing tank filling 1” Gas


HA (opened - height) 175 cm 185 cm 195 cm 205 cm
L (width) 120 cm 145 cm 155 cm 175 cm
AC (closed - height) 105 cm 105 cm 105 cm 105 cm
HC (loading height) 130 cm 130 cm 130 cm 130 cm
P (depth) 70 cm 84 cm 92 cm 102 cm
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