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lavapen 2019This system allows you to wash small and medium sized mechanical parts successfully.

The treatment is performed manually by means of two gloves fitted on the front part. The cleaning results are ensured by a high pressure pump and the special spray nozzle. The latter can be quickly replaced with the cleaning brush thanks to the quick attachments. 

The machine is equipped with a compressed air gun for drying the parts and extracting the vapours produced inside the chamber.



  • LP3, washing capacity of 95 x 70 x H55 cm x 70kg
  • LP4, washing capacity of 120 x 80 x H55 cm x 70kg

3D model of Lavapen


  • pneumatic for solvents (P)
  • electric, maximum washing temperature: 60°C (C)

Supply voltage

  • compressed air (pneumatic version)
  • 230V 1PH+T 50 HZ (electric version)

Standard equipment

  • Vapour extraction via Venturi compressed air system with throttle valve
  • Interchangeable pressure washing nozzle and brush with quick attachment
  • Compressed air blowing gun
  • Removable panels in stailness steel Aisi 304 between the washing chamber and tank
  • Closing door with hoses and integrated tempered glass
  • Assisted door closing with gas spring and hook
  • Filter on pump suction (500 µ)
  • Washing activation by pedal
  • Safety microswitch on door opening
  • Plates in stainless steel

Lavapen - application example 1Lavapen - application example 2Lavapen - application example 3

Specific equipment in electric version

  • Electric pump
  • External neon light for interior lighting
  • Heating resistor in Incoloy stainless steel
  • Minimum tank level control to protect pump and resistor
  • Minimum level sensor
  • blow gun
  • relief valve
  • Black latex gloves (600 mm)

Specific equipment in pneumatic version

  • stainless steel cartridge filter (10/25/50micro)
  • heater with external resistors that are not in contact with the liquid
  • weekly heating start programmer
  • Submerged magnet for separation of ferritic abrasive powder
  • machine equipped with wheels for handling
  • increased load capacity to 150 kg


Technical tableLP3LP4
Closed machine overall dimensions (WxDxH) 120 x 85 x 170 cm 145 x 95 x 180 cm
Open machine overall dimensions (WxDxH) 120 x 100 x 175 cm 145 x 110 x 185 cm

Washing capacity (WxDxH)

95 x 70 x 55 cm 120 x 80 x 55 cm
Basket load capacity 70 kg 70 kg
Washing tank capacity 75 lt 90 lt

Washing pump electric models

1,5 kw
8,0 bar
10 lt/min
1,5 kw
8,0 bar
10 lt/min

Washing pump pneumatic models

5,0 bar
2 lt/min
5,0 bar
2 lt/min
Washing heating electric models 2,0 kw 2,0 kw
Supply electric models
Supply pneumatic models
comp. air
6 bar
comp. air
6 bar
Comp. air consump. electric models (except blowing)
10 lt/min
0,6 mc/h
10 lt/min
0,6 mc/h
Comp. air consump. pneumatic models (except blowing)
20 lt/min
1,2 mc/h
20 lt/min
1,2 mc/h
Connections tableLP3LP4
Drain washing tank F 1" Gas F 1" Gas
Vapour extraction disch. D 55 mm D 55 mm
Compressed air inlet F 1/4" Gas F 1/4" Gas
Table of dimensionsLP3LP4
L (width) 120 cm 145 cm
P (depth) 85 cm 95 cm
H (height) 175 cm 185 cm
LL (washing width) 95 cm 120 cm
PL (washing depth) 70 cm 80 cm
HL (washing height) 55 cm 55 cm
PA (open depth) 100 cm 110 cm
AC (load height) 100 cm 100 cm
HA (opening angle) 55° 55°

Lavapen layout

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