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Industrial washing

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Rivets and riveting tools

Simplex 60/80

Simplex 60/80Simplex is a system that washes small and medium sized mechanical parts automatically. Washing is carried out by means of the upper, lower and side jets, the basket slow rotation is ensured by a gearmotor.

The PLC allows you to manage time, temperatures, levels, signals and alarms. The easy to use and intuitive software is available in many languages.


  • Simplex 60, washing capacity of Ø58 x H38 cm x 100kg
  • Simplex 80, washing capacity of Ø78 x H43 cm x 100kg


  • electric LT, maximum washing temperature: 60°C
  • electric HT, maximum washing temperature: 80°C

Supply voltage

  • 400V 3PH+N+PE 50HZ (others on request)


Standard equipment

  • Reinforced basket of electrowelded net with external edge of galvanised (S80) or stainless steel Aisi 304 (S60)
  • Electric pump of stainless steel Aisi 304 with special gaskets
  • Filter of stainless steel Aisi 304 on pump suction
  • Tub edge gasket of EPDM
  • Electrical resistor of Incoloy stainless steel
  • Mechanical basket rotation by gearmotor
  • Electrical cabinet IP65, PLC electrical system (DGT V3)
  • Structures and sheets of of stainless steel
  • Flanged suction and delivery pump of stainless steel Aisi 304 (quick maintenance)
  • Safety limit switch on cover opening
  • High quality stainles steel blade nozzles
  • Minimum level control of liquid inside the tank to protect pump and resistor
  • Maximum level control of liquid inside the tank and solenoid valve for automatic water filling
  • Weekly programming for the activation of heating and oil separator (if installed)

3D model of Simplex 60/80

Specific equipment for HT version

  • Electrical vapour extraction
  • Thermal insulation with panels of stainless steel Aisi 430
  • Safety limit switch with cover opening lock during the cycle
  • Panels under the basket with grease and chips collecting filters

Available accessories

  • High pressure pump
  • Basket of Stainless steel Aisi 304
  • Vapour extraction (included for HT model)
  • Integrated disc oil separator
  • Panels under the basket with grease collecting filters (included for model HT)
  • Blowing with compressed air and independent pipes
  • Preparation for the use of abrasive contaminants
  • Preparation for the use of strongly caustic chemical products
  • Bleaching of internal welding
  • Teflon and Viton gaskets
  • Models with other supply voltages
  • Hot air drying
  • Emptying pump
  • Automatic liquid detergent dispenser, installed in bath 1
  • Machine equipped with wheels for handling
  • Signal tower for indicating system status
Technical tableS60S80
Closed machine overall dimensions (W x D x H)
92 x 78 x 100 cm
112 x 100 x 110 cm
Opened machine overall dimensions (W x D x H)
92 x 86 x 153 cm
112 x 105 x 185 cm
Washing capacity (Ø x H) 58 x 38 cm 78 x 43 cm
Basket load capacity 100 kg 100 kg
Tank capacity 60 lt 130 lt
Washing pump
0,37 kw
2,0 bar
40 lt/min
0,55 kw
2,0 bar
80 lt/min
High pressure washing pump
3,0 kw
6,0 bar
120 lt/min
3,0 kw
5,0 bar
200 lt/min
Washing heating 4,0 kw 4,0 kw
Mechanical rotation 0,09 kw 0,09 kw
Vapour extractor
0,09 kw
70 mc/h
0,09 kw
70 mc/h
Blowing (air consumpt. at 6 bar)
150 mc/h
170 mc/h
Electrical supply 3PH+T+N 3PH+T+N
Connections tableS60S80 
Drain washing tank F 1" Gas F 1" Gas
Drain disk oil separator M 1/2" Gas M 1/2" Gas
Vapour extraction outlet D.48 mm D.48 mm
Water filling electrovalve F 1/2" Gas F 1/2" Gas
Compress. air blowing electrovalve F 3/4" Gas F 3/4" Gas
Dimensions tableS60 S80
L (width) 92 cm 112 cm
P (depth) 86 cm 105 cm
H (height) 153 cm 185 cm
DL (washing diameter) 58 cm 78 cm
HL (washing height) 38 cm 43 cm
AC (load height) 83 cm 92 cm
LV (tank width) 64 cm 84 cm
PV (tank depth) 64 cm 84 cm
HA (opening angle) 80° 80°

Simplex 60/80 layout



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